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A Wrinkle in Time

Hi there! In the Discord chat I spend most of my time in there has been an interesting experience where a good amount of the people present changed their user names to their real names. Been interesting. Some people get weirder out. Others felt that being completely themselves meant they were more boring. My only reaction to my own is that it’s weird seeing my own name when I post things. Plus it makes it even harder for me to keep track of who is who.

Warning: Spoilers both major and minor for both book and movie ahead.

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Pony Stories 850

I’ve gotten a few book recommendations from people I hang out with online. Well, chatroom stalk really. Anyway! Exact definition doesn’t matter. Grabbed the free samples from Amazon ebooks and had a somewhat interesting experience. I didn’t actually look at the story descriptions or even get them from the people who recommended them. It was just a ‘I liked this’ and the title/author. So I read the sample of one of them and… I have no idea what the story is about. Got a good introduction to two characters, the places and situations they start in. No clue as to what the plot is going to be. Seems to be fantasy-novel type world but I have no clue if there is any magic or fantastical elements whatsoever. It is the most blind I’ve ever gone into a story/book. I don’t even know what the cover looks like. Which is actual information since I’m pretty good at deducing basic story feel from what gets put on the cover. I’m torn between at least reading the story blurb so I know the basic plot and if there is magic/fantastical stuff, or just getting the full thing and diving in for the sheer novelty of knowing nothing at all except what the text itself gives me.

  • Smolder by Merc the Jerk
  • Midnight’s Shadow: Succession Crisis by Ponibius
  • Midnight’s Shadow by Ponibius

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Fallout & Worm

So, I read Fallout: Equestria once again. I wanted to check out my copy of the 3rd printing. Turns out the bible-paper thin pages were not nearly as fragile as I had feared. The story itself was still a good read. Didn’t grab me as much as it has in the past but I suspect that has less to do with the story and more in my current mental state. Certainly spent more time and energy reading it than much else lately. Pacing seemed a lot smoother this time. The middle didn’t feel as disjointed as I remember it being. I’m half tempted to read Project Horizons again. Maybe finish it. Then my brain goes “Are you crazy?” and smacks my skull until that idea goes away. Instead, I decide to give Worm a try.

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Pony Stories 849

Got around to seeing Forgotten Friendship. Was pretty good. Interesting concept, plus a good use of Trixie. Which is always nice. She’s not my favorite pony but she can be used in such interesting ways with a good starting point. Plus I always like to see a character that has a core of decency even if they are kind of antagonistic most of the time.

Wait, what? by Allykitty
Functional. Basically just a short little epilogue to the most recent EqG episode/short/whatever you want to call it. Not really a short since it was over a half hour. Not sure it would be an episode since it was mostly stand alone? Anyway. This story was basically just Wallflower and Sunset having a short conversation after the events. Very slice of lifey.

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Pony Stories 848

Finished a few longer stories. Lunar Rebellion (see last post), then I powered through The Laughing Shadow and this one back to back. Maybe go back to Lunar Rebellion’s sequel for my next target. As I mentioned in my last blog post it’s been nice reading novel length (or more) stories again.


Diktat by Merc the Jerk

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