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D&D Tuesday: Exiled Future Clerics

In my efforts to update more often, I’ve decided to try and add more D&D stuff to what I post here. So, in honor of what kinda/used to be my D&D night I will try to post something game related every Tuesday. Why the heck do we capitalize days? I mean… Wait, nevermind. That doesn’t have anything to do with Dungeons and/or Dragons. I off and on work on my own houserules for the main setting I use. Which is a post-post-post-apocalyptic fantasy world that is entirely underground. About halfway to Vance’s Dying Earth series, if that means anything to you. Mostly I think up cool ways to handle magic and stuff.

Today, I want to share the cool idea I had for Cleric magic.

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No Reviews Tuesday #03

Today a bit of 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons content. Mostly because my gaming group is starting up again after a long holiday break. Woo-hoo. This is a monk tradition for Dragonborn PCs. It’s based on the idea that the monk meditations and tapping into ki awakens the character’s inner draconic nature and the character starts manifesting more and more dragon-like traits as their true nature awakens.

For those who don’t know, each class gets to pick a particular path/tradition/etc around 3rd level (the exact level varies for some of the classes) that determines some of the abilities they gain as they level up. It’s a pretty neat mechanic, though I did prefer the prestige classes of 3rd, and the kits of 2nd. I doubt the GM will let me use this, but I thought it was cool enough that I wanted to write it up and save it.

3rd level

Your breath weapon becomes a monk ability. Attack and save DCs for breath weapon are the higher of Con or Wis. Breath weapon is 2 ki points to use. Any effect that enhances monk abilities effects your breath weapon as well.

6th level

Dragon scales. Unarmored defense is now 13 + Dex mod + Wis mod. Also grow claws that allow you to deal unarmed damage as blunt, slashing, or piercing damage. If you hit with two unarmed attacks in the same round on the same target, take a bite attack as part of the same action. Unarmed damage, but can spend 1 ki point on a hit to do breath weapon on that one target.

11th level

Wings! As per 14th level sorcerer.

17th level

Dragon fear/awe aura for ki points. As per 18th level sorcerer, costs 6 ki points to use.

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D&D Thoughts

Non-pony content here. Just some random tabletop RPG stuff that was rolling around in my head.

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Gravedigger Class

This is a RPG content post. Been a while since I’ve done one of those. Mostly because I haven’t been gaming in a long time and therefor don’t need to give players setting information and any thinking I do on the subject of tabletop gaming has just sort of been running around in my head with no place to go. I can only tweak and invent stuff for so long without a game to try it out in before I’m just running in circles.

However, since the next story I am publishing as a ebook is not only set in the last campaign setting I ran a game in, but involves one of the primary classes in the future campaign worldbook, I figured I would post this. This is a character class using the random table method of advancement as seen here and here. I’ve decided that this is a pretty cool way to make one character different from the other and a great way to cram a lot of interesting ability ideas into a single class without making it confusing and overpowered. Sure there are about 25 class powers, bonuses, and whatnot for the class, but any particular character is only going to end up with some of them. This a class for Classic Dungeons & Dragons type games and should be fairly compatible with almost any class-based D&D ruleset. Be sure to tweak to match your game for best results.

To get the full flavor and more setting information, look forward to the digital release of the book Gravedigger on Amazon. Coming soon.

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