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Pony Stories 452

Been reading more ponyfic lately. Which is nice. Will probably have enough of a backlog that I can schedule at least one review a day for the 2-3 weeks the world scifi ccon trip will have me away. Which should be doable. I’ll have my mini tablet so I’ll have some online ability with hotel wifi and such. Not enough to create posts for the blog, but I can at least edit them a little before they go up. Mostly it has to do with the copy pasting of the reviews themselves and linking things. So I’m thinking to get the posts scheduled, but leave the intro bits empty and do those while I’m out on the trip. Hopefully be able to regale you all with the stories of the piles and piles of writing I’ll have gotten done after each day of hours of driving, thinking, and listening to writing advice podcasts.

  • Opposites Attract by A Hoof-ful of Dust
  • The Incredibly Blitzed Night of Rainbow Dash by Chengar Qordath
  • Rarity’s Cuddling Conundrum by The Abyss

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Pony Stories 451

Looking forward to next month even more now. Not only going to the world scifi con (where I will spend probably all my time working a bookstore in the dealer’s room), but just got the go-ahead to borrow a car and make it a roadtrip! Four days there of just me, the open road, barely any human interaction, and every episode of the Writing Excuses podcast. Then a more lesiurely 4-5 days back where I might visit a few friends on my way back across the entire country. Given that I’m starting on the east coast and the con is pretty much on the west coast.

  • Shades of Grey by InquisitorM
  • I, Paladin by InquisitorM
  • Their True Desires by Charles Spratt

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Tuesday, non-pony review: Tales of the Cthulhu Mythos

Tales of the Cthulhu Mythos

A while back I worked my way through a complete collection of H. P. Lovecraft stories. It was an interesting experience for sure. Now I’m reading a collection of stories by him and others. The ones by him will be rereads. The others are other authors trying their hand at the same kind of cosmic horror. I got this book for a single story that was highly recommended by a online friend. We will see how the whole thing holds up.

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Pony Stories 450

I really wanted to follow more of the OC Slamjam, but depression doesn’t wait until it is convenient to strike. So I got through about 2/3rds of the first round I think? Was waiting until I got through more, but at this point I doubt I’m going to even look at the latest round much less vote. So here’s what I had written up for what I did get around to reading in the first round.

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Worst Job in Equestria 02

Pretty sure I’ve only put one of these ideas up here anyway. I know I’ve at least mentioned them once or twice. One of the running themes for characters/stories/rpg characters in my head is the idea that ordinary jobs are much less so in extraordinary environments. Farmer is a fairly normal job. Unless you are in some kind of post-apocalyptic fantasy world where your farm animals are giant spiders, random surges of magic distort reality on a regular basis, and undead prowl the wilderness outside the farm’s territory. That sort of thing. Anyway, one of the things my mind keeps returning to is the pony version.

So, I did catastrophe planner last time. Which isn’t really a normal job all that much. Even in the so-called ‘real world’ doing that sort of thing for governments is probably pretty stressful. It’s just absurdly more in a fantasy world where the laws of physics aren’t nearly as understandable and consistent. I got inspired with a new one just now, and so I’m gonna write up a little fragment and see how far I get with it.

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