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Exiled Future D&D

So, running a weekly online Dungeons & Dragons game. First session was… well, the first half was a trainwreck that pulled up into a decent game in the second half. I blame half of the players. Some of which I think didn’t get what I was trying to do, and at least one was both ignored by the rest of the party and didn’t seem to want to actually play D&D all that much. Those two facts are actually unrelated. Bleh. Hopefully the second session will go better. Which I will know since even though I am writing this beforehand, this post will go up afterward.

Also got into a aborted conversation trying to explain the other players to the annoying one. Went around each other (well, I understood what they meant and they either ignored or just couldn’t understand what I meant) and got the conversation ender “I don’t want to argue”. Ugh. I wasn’t arguing. I was attempting to explain something to you that you apparently had no intention of even trying to understand. Guh!

Oh well, at least the whole thing got me to finally do some more work on the campaign world and get almost all of it up on the fancy RPG site Obsidian Portal. Plus I might get a second group on weekends. So, might have my gaming itch and my DungeonMaster itch scratched.

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Samurai Jack

Almost done with my re-watch of the show Samurai Jack. Once again I’m reminded of just how good it was. It really was a work of art. Sure, not perfect. Often had trouble with human faces not looking quite right. Yet it was such a beautiful show most of the time.

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D&D Tuesday: Exiled Future Clerics

In my efforts to update more often, I’ve decided to try and add more D&D stuff to what I post here. So, in honor of what kinda/used to be my D&D night I will try to post something game related every Tuesday. Why the heck do we capitalize days? I mean… Wait, nevermind. That doesn’t have anything to do with Dungeons and/or Dragons. I off and on work on my own houserules for the main setting I use. Which is a post-post-post-apocalyptic fantasy world that is entirely underground. About halfway to Vance’s Dying Earth series, if that means anything to you. Mostly I think up cool ways to handle magic and stuff.

Today, I want to share the cool idea I had for Cleric magic.

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More roleplaying game rambles. Pretty sure this is going to be an ongoing thing for a while. My almost a whole day of thinking about the game I will be running in a few months has gotten a lot of thoughts rolling around in my head. Once again not going to go deep into mechanics. Though this will have a bit more of that than yesterday’s magic post. One of the things I’ve liked about Torchbearer is the approach to how much stuff a PC can carry. It is a little blunt, but basically there is a space on the sheet you write your inventory on and when the slots of your backpack and belt and stuff are full that’s all the stuff the PC can carry. Physical space on the character sheet as inventory space for the character. I was going to say I ran into this elsewhere and enjoyed it, but now that I think about it I suspect it was in Mouse Guard. Which is just the same system adapted for heroic mice.

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Magic system

So, actually having a gaming group has me thinking about Dungeons and Dragons type stuff once again. The fact that I’ve volunteered to run something has me working on what exactly I will be running. Not the adventure, but the system and the general setting. I’m thinking to run Spelljammer. D&D in Spaaaace! I still have all the cool ideas from the last time I ran Spelljammer. Which was… Jeeze, almost a decade ago at this point? It’s been much too long since I’ve run a game. Stupid social glitches in my brain. So I start to look through my gathered collection of roleplaying books and advice and internet bookmarks. Which get my brain up and running in a way that I haven’t enjoyed in far too long. Which is nice.

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Posted by on September 25, 2016 in Dungeons & Dragons, My Writing, Pondering RPGs