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Pony Stories 758

In my re-watch of season 5.. Wait, season 6? Whichever was the one that ended with Starlight, Trixie, Discord, and Thorax becoming the misfit group that saves the world. I could look it up, but lazy. Anyway, I realized during that re-watch that Twilight Sparkle is a terrible influence on other unicorns. She shouldn’t be worried about Starlight Glimmer hanging out with Trixie. Trixie should be worried about Starlight Glimmer hanging out with Twilight Sparkle.

So, Starlight Glimmer was first seen being the somewhat unhinged leader of a village that used cult-conditioning rooms to indoctrinate new ponies. Then we see her trying to break time to get petty revenge that involved changing events and battling an Alicorn. Both of which we see no evidence she uses mind manipulation/control magic. She is defeated and Twilight Sparkle becomes her teacher/warden. It’s only after being with Twilight Sparkle for a bit that she starts breaking out the mind control magic. Whereas we’ve seen Twilight Sparkle resort to mind-control magic before then.

  • Sunspawned by Masterweaver
  • Sunshipped by Masterweaver

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Pony Stories 757

Ponies in large airplanes! No, wait, ponies work better in proper fantasy airships. Today’s intro will be short and merely be me showing off my Dungeons & Dragons campaign site. I was using the site Obsidian Portal before, but it was just too annoying so I decided to just use another wordpress blog because it makes actually pretty good info site and/or wiki. Check out to see what I’ve got in place so far if you like random Dungeons & Dragons worldbuilding that is all text with no pictures.

Of course, more review-ish things below the break.

  • Dense as Diamonds by River Road
  • This is a Story You Will Never Read by Cynewulf

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Pony Stories 756

If you like the Big Master Review List and would like to help motivate me to keep working on it, check out this post over on FimFiction. Most of you have probably already read it. It’s about replacing my missing internal motivation with external motivation. Now, for words about ponywords. Two short reviews below the break.

  • Window Dressing by JapaneseTeeth
  • Sunset’s Rarity. by JediWyrm

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Pony Stories 755

Just watched the Yak episode. I kinda liked it. Sure it had terrible bits, but most episodes do and we enjoy them anyway. This one was just another failure of execution and I can see what the episode was trying to do.

Also, gah! I still hate the no author name on story cards feature of the new FimFiction.

  • Blink And You Miss It by Fervidor
  • Suitors by Jay-The-Brony

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Pony Stories 754

So, time is a thing. Getting old. One of the surprises was not that the younger generations (however you want to define that) like different things than I do. I mean, I was expecting that given my own growing up as a nerd-ish child of the 80s gave me a fairly specific area of social inputs. (TMNT, Roadhouse, early anime, etc) so I figured that anyone younger than I by a decade or two (or three) would have a different set of cultural/social inputs. The surprise was that I have absolutely no clue what those might be. I think about what might be sticking in the head of someone in their teens or younger and I have no clue what they might consider Transformers cartoon level important. I mean, sure, the ones with good taste are enjoying the correct parts of MLP, but other than that? Piff. No clue. Makes me feel old, but not as old as League of Legends did/does. Also, I’m getting nearer the age my parents were when I was a kid old enough to actually understand how old they were. Guh. Why hasn’t the singularity happened and the all-power AI made us all immortal slaves yet? Or at least solved the sleep problem.

  • Changeling Courtship Rituals by Codex Ex Equus
  • Pony Courtship Rituals by Codex Ex Equus

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