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Pony Stories 423

Well, my depression and apathy have kicked back in. So I’m finding it really hard to focus on longer works, or even a lot of shorter fics in a row. So I’ll probably only be doing one or two stories from the short end of my read later pile for a while. As well as trying to get through all of the OC Slamjam entries that are open for voting.

Even missed posting yesterday. Bleh. This weekend has not been a productive one, even by my standards. Though I did get some writing-related stuff done earlier today. So not a total loss. Just going to have one story review today. I know, maybe I should read Becoming Them by PaulAsaran. Reading a Them story when depressed can’t be a bad idea, right? Okay, maybe I should pick something a little lighter. So whatever is the shortest story on my primary read later list.

Another Battle in the Long War Between Light and Darkness by SPark

Short and fun. It’s barely even a vignette. I liked it. Had some fun Celestia and Luna interactions.


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Pony Stories 422

I didn’t find the griffons in that latest episode all that greedy. Just a bit rude. I mean, have you seen where they live? If I was living in that poor a place and a pair of clean rich tourists showed up (friends of royalty even) I’d totally charge them a couple of bucks for a story. Or, you know, if a foreign tourist busts into my store all self-important and then demands some of my merchandise, I might ask to see some payment up front.Remember, the place is so run down and poor that Gilda can’t even afford baking powder. Denying a rope to save Rainbow Dash without getting paid, however, was really mean.

However, given that she’s trying to earn enough bits to leave it does raise the question of how she went to Equestrian flight school. It’s not something that seems to be normal (griffons go to pony flight school) on the other hand, the foals didn’t treat it as a unique thing either. Princess Celestia picks the occasional griffon to build cross-species friendships? Gilda is royalty that has a open offer for flight school due to some ancestor doing a service for Equestria? Parents just saved up to send her, hoping she could build a better life in Equestria?


  • My Maker by Josh Meihaus
  • Marks of Harmony by Lapis-Lazuli and Inky J

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Saw Tomorrowland a few days ago. Visually very impressive. The audio design and soundtrack were wonderful, emphasizing things without being directly noticed. It would be a great movie if you just removed all the dialogue and plot and just made up your own as you watched the voiceless actors do things on screen. So, yeah, wait for it to come out for rent and watch it muted or something. So disappointing. Spoilers in the rant below the break.

The last movie that disappointed me this much was Transcendance, and I still hate that movie for how bad it was. Tomorrowland at least has some redeeming features.

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Dusk Guard extravaganza

Okay, now for a look into the future (future… future… future…) (pretend that was a cool echoey reverberation effect). I was given the chance to read the first five or so chapters of the new Dusk Guard book (Beyond the Borderlands) about to come out. So here you go!

It was pretty good. Looking forward to reading the whole thing. Should start coming out tomorrow.



Okay, okay! Probably should give a little more than that. More after the break.

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Pony Stories 421

I just had this weird thought while listening to some pony music. What if Celestia and Luna weren’t immortal or long-lived? What if they are linked to each other, one cannot die while the other is still alive. Nightmare Moon in magic exile would be kind of alive/not-alive, trapping Celestia in unending life. Celestia dealing with having to defeat and exile her sister, and then on top of that becoming ageless without meaning to. The centuries rolling by and her memories getting blurry, feeling like she’s being stretched out more and more. Until she starts to wonder if she ever had a sister at all.

In other news, reading and voting on all the stories in the OC Slamjam Round One. Reading the eligible ones in random order as determined by a d20 online dice roller. Will be putting those up here in a post sometime after voting closes I think. Along with a line or two about each entry.

Big Master Review List stats: Authors: [2221], Stories [5119], Total Reviews: [8225]

  • The Rose by Bradel
  • The Dragon’s Riddle by horizon

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