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Filler post September #1

I don’t have any reviews typed up, it’s late, and I want a post for today. So you get a filler post!

Today’s filler post is me telling you guys that I have three games sitting in my Steam inventory that I’ve wanted to give away but all my friends on Steam have them already. So, gonna give them to the first people who say they want them.

The list:

  • Avernum – Escape from the pit (a cool fantasy rpg)
  • Defender’s Quest – Valley of the forgotten (a wonderful tower defense that has great writing)
  • Iron Brigade (mechs and alien electricty monsters in post world war 1, silly and fun)

Also a thanks to Pascoite who helped me get into two Discord chat servers so I can lurk. Especially the one where I don’t have permission to actually type anything so all I can do is lurk. Which is wonderfully freeing, even if I might like to speak up every now and then.


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Fallout 4 story

I got around to finishing the main quest for Fallout 4. Then I just kinda went bleh because in other play-throughs I’ve done just about everything and so after the one last big unresolved bit was, well, resolved I didn’t have much motivation to play more. I really do think trying to make a Fallout game that is as open sandbox as possible but give the game a plot was a terrible decision. I know I’m not the only one that ntoiced this. The plot and general story of the main quest isn’t terrible. The execution, sure, but the basic story isn’t.

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Fallout 4

Non-pony stuff today. I’ve been playing a bunch of Fallout 4 as of writing this. Most likely I’ll still be at least poking around in it when this goes live a few days later. Was going to put some of this stuff in the intro spots for pony story posts, but when I got down one paragraph and still kept going I realized that it’ll make a fine short post all by itself and give me a day’s worth of content for the blog. Win-win situation.

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Minecraft junk

Today is going to be just me showing off screenshots and a map of my years-old Minecraft world. This is a world that I’ve been messing around on pretty much since Minecraft first became a thing. Sometimes I wander away for a few months, once I think I didn’t touch Minecraft for a full year. Been wandering around off and on recently. Only one big project, but I like exploring. It’s been kind of fun to see each update’s new stuff appearing in areas as I expand outward.The map is huge, so I’ll put that down at the very bottom.

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No Reviews Tuesday #04

Another content light day today. But on the plus side, actually did it ahead of time and got it schedule to go out at the proper time (assuming I freaking do it right, which I didn’t). Progress! As much as getting back to the basic swing of things can be considered progress. Feeling better, getting to gaming, and getting these posts ahead of time. We might be past the worst of Sudden Arctic Displacement (aka all the snow ever falls on us). Anyway, decided to put some Skyrim pictures up. This is a comparison between the standard game and my heavily modded game. The results of so many hours (so many!) getting the mods installed in the right order and working together nicely. At least a small part of it. Also, been catching up on the big master review list updating. Chipping away at it a little at a time while waiting for the computer to finish doing other stuff.

Big Master Review List stats: Total Authors: [1952], Total Stories [4347], Total Reviews: [6713] Huh. Getting close to the 2000th author added to the list. Might have to think of another prize to award. I do so like those big round numbers after all.

See below the break for four pictures, two before and two after. The second one of each pair is worth checking out in full size, assuming you are interested in seeing more detail to it.

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