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Pony Stories 331

Rococo! Wait, need to keep the reveal for the end. One of my own little nitpicks is the abuse of language that is naming a relationship by smooshing the two character’s names together. Just bugs me. Though I admit that sometimes the result can be amusing. Was looking at some Coco Pommel fan art just kind of wandering through DeviantArt and it hit me! Rococo! Just need another pony with a Ro- name and it’ll be perfect. After looking through background pony names over on a wiki, I’ve got two candidates. Royal Ribbon, a unicorn. Or Rose Quartz, crystal pony stylist. Okay, that’s out of my head. Put it in the random idea box with all the others.

  • Yes Twilight Sparkle, There Is a Santa Hooves by Georg
  • H͉̭̭͈͗̔́̇ͨ̽͋̐͘e̴͈̖͈̲͎͓̹̩̓̈́͒͛̀͂͘l̼̣̻͈͙̠͍̜̄͑ͦ́́ͅl͖̎̾̚o̼͓̤̳͚̙̖̫ͣ͛̀̏̎̎ͭ̂̕͞͡,͕͔͎̯͕̒̇ ̟̻͚̙̀̎͒̌͛ͦ̀̚͜P̃̒̔̓҉̩̣̪̀́o͍̜̖̱̟̿ͦ̅͌̏̽ͨn̞̩͉̱͓̘̥̗͙̍͠ĭͤ̉͊̔͏̦̯̭͓͇̖e̢͇͖̜̥̰͎̫ͧ̇̿́ͥ͒̀̎͘͠s̱̦͎͍̃ͯ͘͜!̺̖͍͚͈̙̣̀͊̈ͨ by Super Trampoline
  • Dissolution by Maddog10_20
  • Moonstone by Loyal
  • Filly Do and the Temple of Groceries. by MoltenXKid
  • Seeing Monsters by Hopefullygoodgrammar
  • Rain by alexmagnet
  • The Fires of Friendship by Ponydora Prancypants
  • The Three Sisters by Wanderer D
  • On Wings by BlueBastard
  • Half the Day is Night by AugieDog

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Pony Stories 330

More reviews! Just what you always wanted. I really need to start adding my reviews to the big master list. Given the output I think I’m somewhere around 50-60 behind. On the plus side, I think I’m going to call my reading wordcount for the month. Rounding up since I’ve got a non-pony book I’m working on, and I didn’t count a handful of fanfics that I didn’t finish. So, with that in mind I managed to read around 1,050,00 words this month. That was pushing myself quite a bit, don’t think I’ll be doing that again next month. Might be as high as 1.1 million, but 1.05 is probably a safer guess. So, about 1.8 Fallout Equestrias. Which is funny because I can zoom through Fo:E in four days.

  • Transference by Bradel
  • Three Hazards of Ponyville by Rocinante
  • The Lavender Letter by Sunchaser
  • Essenza di Amore by Cerulean Voice
  • The Last Curtain Call by The Princess Rarity
  • On the Care and Construction of Bridges by Ebon Mane
  • You’re Doing it Wrong by The Ravager
  • Friendship is Optimal: Psychopathy is Configurable by Eakin
  • My First Tree by Lambent Dream
  • Feels Like the First Time by CarcinoGeneticist

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Watching Episodes #04

Hey, a day starting off with something besides reviews. Though I’m almost done populating the big master review list bookshelf! Only 300 and some stories to go. Then I’ll have to think of some other ambitious makework project to keep myself busy with.

Big Master Review List stats: Total Authors: [1913], Total Stories [4240], Total Reviews: [6515]

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Pony Stories 329

Bored, depressed, avoiding sleep. Plus chipped away at the two spreadsheets I’m working on enough for the moment. So I think I’ll just post more reviews. Really, really want to get through the holiday and ‘million words’ backlog so that what I’m posting is somewhat current. Only 37 more stories to go after this! Woo~

  • An Unexpected Love Story by Magpiepony
  • Vinyl’s Heritage by DemonBrightSpirit
  • A Game of Twits by Cassius
  • Sing the Night’s Song by Kegisak
  • To Touch the Moon by Shrinky Frod
  • Generosity, My Dear Applejack by Crystal Secret
  • Just Being Pinkie Pie by HoofBitingActionOverload
  • Lessons Learned from Loyalty by whateverdudezb
  • Truth Earned from Honesty by whateverdudezb
  • Journey Home by Bulbasaur
  • Let the Silence Sing by Aegis Shield

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Pony Stories 328

Reviewing all day, reviewing all night, reviewing all week, reviewing alright! Feel free to match that to whatever musical ditty you please. Lots of snow here, but I don’t think civilization has collapsed. The internets still seem to work anyway. Though if watching disaster movies has taught me anything, this much snow means there is probably packs of wolves roaming the streets of Boston at this very moment. Or not, since that was from the horrible movie The Day After Tomorrow. Which had the most heavy-handed and stupid moral of don’t burn books in it that I’ve ever seen.

Woo. Thirty reviews posted in three days. Almost halfway through the backlog. I’ve been reading a lot of ponyfic this month and over the holidays.

Reviews after the break:

  • Appletheosis by DuncanR
  • The Rainbow At The End Of The Storm by Bakmah Genesis
  • I Read That in a Book Once by CouchCrusader
  • Dance ‘Til We’re High by PresentPerfect
  • Rainbow Dash: Alpha Mare by Sunchaser
  • K-I-S-S-I-N-G! by Pav Feira
  • Going Anywhere by Eakin
  • Twilight Sparkle is Paralyzed by CartsBeforeHorses
  • Otherworldly Advice by Bookish Delight
  • Love Is Patient by Bico

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