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Filler Post: Minecraft

Apparently I did not schedule this when I thought I did. So this should have been up on the blog two weeks ago. Roundabout.

So, someone in the Discord chat I frequent set up a ‘proper’ multiplayer server. So I’ve been spending too much time there. The plugin for protecting the player’s work is pretty cool. Lets you claim/protect more area the longer you play on the server. So… Been putting in far too many hours.

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Pony Stories 842

So, due to people talking about Minecraft on one of the Discord servers I lurk on, I’ve put my Minecraft server back up. Anyone wants to come mess around with plain vanilla Minecraft can give me their Minecraft user name and I’ll toss an invite their way.

Mending and Entering by Bookish Delight

I was disappointed that this story did not feature more criminal activities. Otherwise, perfectly functional.

The Trouble with Unicorns by Admiral Biscuit

Another amusing story of ponies encountering human culture from Admiral Biscuit. Though part of me still thinks that every word he writes that isn’t in Onto The Pony Planet is a waste of his time. The rest of my brain tells that part to shut up.

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Filler post : again

I got about ten pages written today. Introduced an EqG Chrysalis into the story. Might actually write a explicit sex scene in next. Anyway, check back tomorrow for actual content I hope.

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Filler Post : Be Nice

Just filling the daily post quota. My writing continues. Still the trash shipping story, but I’m up to 126 pages for the month. Pushing through the writer’s block seems a bit easier and it has gotten easier to pull away from the computer to write. So a tiny bit of success so far.

In other news, just a reminder that you should try to be nice. Even toward people who you dislike. Poking and messing with people who are terrible might feel nice, but is not very constructive.

So, try to be nice.

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Tails of Equestria

I recently bought a physical copy of the official pony RPG. I had read a terrible PDF of it before but I wanted to have my own copy.

All in all it’s not bad. It is a really good starter RPG. I wouldn’t mind trying it out sometime, with the right group.

I might even try to do a better PDF of it to share with people online. Though not torrents. Just people in the Discord servers and on FimFiction.

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