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Pony Stories 754

So, time is a thing. Getting old. One of the surprises was not that the younger generations (however you want to define that) like different things than I do. I mean, I was expecting that given my own growing up as a nerd-ish child of the 80s gave me a fairly specific area of social inputs. (TMNT, Roadhouse, early anime, etc) so I figured that anyone younger than I by a decade or two (or three) would have a different set of cultural/social inputs. The surprise was that I have absolutely no clue what those might be. I think about what might be sticking in the head of someone in their teens or younger and I have no clue what they might consider Transformers cartoon level important. I mean, sure, the ones with good taste are enjoying the correct parts of MLP, but other than that? Piff. No clue. Makes me feel old, but not as old as League of Legends did/does. Also, I’m getting nearer the age my parents were when I was a kid old enough to actually understand how old they were. Guh. Why hasn’t the singularity happened and the all-power AI made us all immortal slaves yet? Or at least solved the sleep problem.

  • Changeling Courtship Rituals by Codex Ex Equus
  • Pony Courtship Rituals by Codex Ex Equus

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Book Pictures

Because it’s easy and I had a request for at least one picture, here are some pictures of the hardback version of The Life and Times of a Winning Pony by Chengar Qordath.

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Woo. Home.

Finally home. Last day was a bit of grinding teeth, but I survived and the person in the car with me survived. So everything worked out. Now I just have to deal with the 240+ notifications on my FimFiction feed. Ouch. Maybe I’ll avoid that for another day or two.

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Florida Trip day… um… 5? 10? 429? Does time even exist in this bright and blazing hell on Earth?

It’s really not that bad. I just don’t like really bright sunlight and the heat isn’t brain-melting like it was last time I was down here, but still too warm to be comfortable in.

Went to the Kennedy Space Center Visitors Center. I think that is what is was called? Anyway, the place with the tourist space stuff and the actual space shuttle Atlantis in one of the exhibits. Was a pretty neat place, if too bright and warm so I ran out of energy after about two hours. If I lived neraby I could certainly see myself visiting the place once or twice a month until I had seen everything. Rockets are very big!

Two more days until.I head back, then three days of driving. Including a half-ass where we stop so I can hang out with a friend in North Carolina. Wish we didn’t have the schedule disruption because if everything had gone as planned I’d be getting home tomorrow probably and I miss my computer. It really is like a large chunk of my brain is missing when I don’t have my computer to work at/on.

Still, good to get away from it for a while. Even if the sleep on the trip has been worse than usual so I haven’t been able to decompress from the rut of daily life I was in. Did actually get some writing in yesterday and today. Crappy porn stuff, but first actual sit-down-and-write-stuff I’ve done in a long time. So, progress!

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Quick filler post

Ha! Time tried to slip a day past me where I didn’t post anything, but I was too lucky clever for it! Of course I already scheduled a post for tomorrow so I don’t actually have anything for today and posting something so late means tomorrow’s post will just bump it down. Still, can count today as not missed.

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