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XCOM2 Expansion

Got back into XCOM2. Primarily (if delayed effect) because of Viking ZX releasing the Dusk Guard and Dusk Rogues as soldiers. Splruged on the expansion as well. Cleaned up and added more mods. Apparently a whole lot more pony voice packs now, so most of the pony soldiers will have proper pony voices.

Opening mission was not exactly smooth. Crystal Wishes didn’t survive. Apple Bloom and Buttercup were injured. Apparently in the expansion you can make propaganda posters for fallen teammates. Might have to see if I can export them to put them up here on the blog. Second mission was a total failure. Mostly due to it being a new sewer map that was throwing me off with weird camera angles and layout. That’s the excuse I’m using for going back to earlier save and trying it again, anyway.

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Happy Food Day

Thanksgiving has come once again. Hope people have good food to eat.

Horse Wife Politics

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Back from trip

Went to see family over Halloween. I am now back and so not looking forward to the 70+ item long notification feed over on FimFiction. Might take a day or two of recovery before I poke that particular pile. Probably catch up on ponies. Season finale aired I think? Probably best to watch that before diving into spoilers.

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Non-pony review: We Are Bob

Beep boop. Man, the time flies when completely consumed by something non-productive online. Today a science fiction story I liked but did not finish.

We Are Legion (We Are Bob) (Bobiverse Book 1) by Dennis Taylor

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Oct 1 Sentence

I’m trying to get back into writing. It’s been months since I’ve wrote even a fucking sentence that wasn’t for the blog intro, a review, or D&D. In the interests of building up the habit I’ve been trying to do the ‘write every day’ thing but just haven’t had much luck with most of the metrics I have place. So, I have decided to lower the bar down to a single sentence minimum. One sentence of writing that is pure fiction, not for anything else.

Here is today’s:

In the ruins of a perfect life-sized replica of Canterlot made entirely out of cake, Princess Celestia could only sit and wonder where her beautiful plan for a midnight snack had gone so completely wrong.

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