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27 Oct

Sometimes I run across something that I used to do, webcomics I followed regularly when I was younger, anime series I haven’t though of in a while that I liked a lot, stuff like that. I wonder what I’m focused on now will fall by the wayside in the passing of time. Ten years down the line will I think about pony fanfiction? Then, in this particular case, I realize I’ve been maintaining a spreadsheet of pony fanfiction reviews for like 4 years at this point and I’m pretty sure it’s going to be stuck in my head for a good long time. Even if my energy wavers up and down for doing stuff.

  • The Great Thaw by RadiantBeam
  • Colors of the Soul by Monochromatic

The Great Thaw by RadiantBeam
I liked the premise and the story handled it quite well. Doesn’t mesh with the show at all, obviously, but that is about the only major flaw. Apparently the soul mates prompt was going around the internet for a bit because I’ve read another story that mentions it as well. There really isn’t much here except for the premise, but on the other hand it’s pretty short so it won’t take much time to zip through. Which I recommend if the premise catches your attention at all.

Colors of the Soul by Monochromatic
The other soulmate story I ran across. Mostly because the previous one mentioned it. I enjoyed this one quite a bit. Which is a bit odd since it was much less about the premise and much more about Twilight’s angst over Rarity finding her soulmate that wasn’t Twilight. So, good bit of Twilight worrying. That’s pretty much 90% of this story but it was well done enough that it didn’t get annoying. Assuming you aren’t bothered by it in the first place. So, another shipping story I’d recommend. For the most part. Wouldn’t change anyone’s mind about shipping stories that’s for sure.

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