Pony Stories 754

So, time is a thing. Getting old. One of the surprises was not that the younger generations (however you want to define that) like different things than I do. I mean, I was expecting that given my own growing up as a nerd-ish child of the 80s gave me a fairly specific area of social inputs. (TMNT, Roadhouse, early anime, etc) so I figured that anyone younger than I by a decade or two (or three) would have a different set of cultural/social inputs. The surprise was that I have absolutely no clue what those might be. I think about what might be sticking in the head of someone in their teens or younger and I have no clue what they might consider Transformers cartoon level important. I mean, sure, the ones with good taste are enjoying the correct parts of MLP, but other than that? Piff. No clue. Makes me feel old, but not as old as League of Legends did/does. Also, I’m getting nearer the age my parents were when I was a kid old enough to actually understand how old they were. Guh. Why hasn’t the singularity happened and the all-power AI made us all immortal slaves yet? Or at least solved the sleep problem.

  • Changeling Courtship Rituals by Codex Ex Equus
  • Pony Courtship Rituals by Codex Ex Equus

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Pony Stories 753

Gotta get back on the horse. Today’s motivation comes from the internet randomly bouncing me to a video on motivation and creativity. So, I support and occasionally follow the guy who does the site sfdebris. A humor/review/analysis site that is mostly star trek with a growing amount of other shows and movies. He even did a handful of videos about MLP. Also a very nice episode by episode look at the anime Madoka. Which was cool because he doesn’t watch anime at all (except the stuff for his site at this point) and it’s always nice to get a outsider opinion that a good show is really good. Anyway! He’s moved all his content over to the new video hosting site VidMe. Which I have never heard of before. Didn’t even notice really for a while. Had to go to the video host site itself to do some downloads, which ended up with me watching a few videos about the hosting site itself, for and against, by other people I have never heard of. Which lead me to a video about motivation and finishing things by one of those people. Which, in turn, didn’t have anything new to tell me but often just hearing/watching stuff like that gets me a bit fired up. So hopefully this burst of focus will last a bit.

On to ponywords:

  • An Orderly Transfer of Power by Kris Overstreet
  • Correspondence by Friendly Uncle

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Pony Stories 752

My online D&D game is going decently well. Third or fourth session of the main group (which is down to three people) this afternoon. Hopefully start up a small second group on Sunday. Got most of it up over on this site that works decently well with a few annoying flaws. I’m thinking about putting my pony worldbook up on that site too as a different campaign. Just for a place to put it where I can show it to people. Plus it would be handy if I ever actually run a pony-based game.

I’ve also come to the conclusion that the update over on FimFiction is something I don’t like. It’s got a few good bits (or so I assume) and lots of bits that I’m ambivalent about, but I really don’t l like how it minimizes author names. They don’t show up in the story’s page except for the account name at the very top. On the story cards in list and the main page the author names are a slightly bold bit of dark grey text on a light grey background in the lower left. Where they are easy to miss and in fact even knowing the author name is there it takes me a moment or two to find it. I just kind of hate something that minimizes the author’s name like that. Especially on a site where people are doing things for free and just putting stuff up for people to appreciate it. On the plus side, the story pages now finally have a ‘select all’ button for unread/read chapters! So much better than doing long stories chapter by chapter when I’ve read them on my kindle.

  • Gadget’s Gift: A Hearth’s Warming Tale by The Hat Man
  • The Best of All Possible Worlds by McPoodle

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Season 7 pony show so far

Caught up on season 7 so far, and liking it for the most part. Perfect? Nah. I still think it lacks a bit of the whimsy and adventure bits of the early show but so far there hasn’t been any big conceptual problems, huge plot holes, or wildly out of character stuff. At least none that bothered me. Even one or two cool world-building bits.

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Pony Stories 751

So I’ve been watching this television show… called, lemme think… Oh yes, My Little Pony. It’s quite good! Hee. Yeah, been a while. Rewatched the episodes of season 6 I really liked (which was about half of them) and now actually watching the new stuff. So far the new season is pretty good in my opinion. Lacks a bit of the whimsy of the earlier seasons I think, but so far no huge flaws in any of the episodes that I’ve noticed.

  • You Can’t Eat Gold by KingMoriarty
  • Hiatus by shortskirtsandexplosions

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