Pony Stories 785 (compact version) teeny-tiny edition

Saturday! Hopefully a whirlwind of excitement and fun… Okay, whirlwind of excitement would actually be kind of crummy. I’m not a whirlwind of excitement kinda guy. Even if it turns out I like typing ‘whirlwind’ more than I thought I would. Hopefully I have an interesting and social Saturday without it being a whirlwind of activities and excitement.

The Old View by Posh : Yes.

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Pony Stories 784 (compact version)

Another hideously brief review-ish reactions while the cool kids (and me, I guess) are at Bronycon. Hopefully the Friday this goes up I’ll have an easy time getting my badge and all that jazz. Still kinda mad that I didn’t manage to get preregistered for the weekend. Really wanted a fancy badge instead of the at-con registration badge. Not that I know for certain they are different, but pretty much every con I’ve been to they have been.

  • United By Bait by Bookish Delight
  • Courage and Change by Bookish Delight
  • Where Your Heart Is by Cloudy Skies
  • Same Apples, New Tricks by Bookish Delight
  • Community by Bookish Delight
  • True Beauty by Bookish Delight

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Pony Stories 783 (compact version)

Watched the Maud Pie and Starlight Glimmer episode. It’s one of my favorites from the current season. What with how much I like Maud Pie and was one of the episodes that made me actually like Starlight Glimmer. Fun things I noticed. One, Rarity’s telekinesis was being channeled through her hard hat light. Cool little thing that’s easy to miss. The other, extrapolating how she thinks a certain common gem is rare leads me to believe that she doesn’t have any formal education about gems and uses her gem finding spell when she needs some. So her ideas about how common/rare certain gems are could easily be influenced by if they are resistant or easily found with her personal spell.

Anyway, time for compact reviews! I’ve been finding I have less and less interesting things to say about stories as I absorb more ponyfic. The getting jaded problem. Which means I put off writing my reactions and get a huge backlog. I want to go to Bronycon with a clear slate. So, going to be giving one-word comments!

  • The 2016 Presidential Campaign Goes to Equestria by Admiral Biscuit
  • Audio Therapy by Bookish Delight
  • Why There Are So Many White Unicorns in Equestria by Captain_Hairball
  • Zeno’s Paradox by VitalSpark
  • The Paradox of the Ravens by VitalSpark

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Pre-Bronycon Big Master Review List numbers

Got a surge of productivity this week. Not only went over the 15,000 review mark for the Big Master Review List, but updated the simple BMRL for those that have laggy experiences with the main list. Right now, more or less just waiting to head out for Bronycon tomorrow. Should be Thursday drive up there, Friday Saturday Sunday at the con, then drive back Monday. Easy as easy can be. Got the custom shirts I got for the con, with the BMRL image on it. Which hopefully will be a conversation starter since I’m *terrible* at starting conversations. Later today (the day this goes up) I should be getting the cool notebook I got for author autographs and I’m actually looking forward to that. We will see if I actually manage to judo my messed up brain chemistry into actually doing it. Either way, will be doing my best to check for messages here and on FimFiction if people want to contact me. Assuming my phone cooperates.

Anyway! Some numbers, which were accurate as of Monday evening but might have changed if I added more reviews to the list.

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Pony Stories 782

Got the shirts I ordered for the con today. They look better than I thought. Comfortable too. Image is done in a decal on the fabric rather than printed directly onto the fabric, as most shirts with art on them are done. Better than a lot I’ve seen, just means that the image isn’t as flexible as the rest of the fabric. My only complaint is that the person who will be wearing them is still a fat guy with body-issues, which isn’t the shirts fault at all. Probably go with wearing a coat as I was half-planning to do anyway. Will be hot and look perhaps a bit silly, but small price to pay for not feeling like a obese oaf.

  • Sunset Shimmer and Discord Go Back to the Future by Oroboro
  • With Good Reason by Bookish Delight
  • Better Late Than Never by Bookish Delight

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