Pony Stories 814

Saw the movie. I understand why people didn’t like it, but both me and my mom enjoyed it. Was it pony? Eh, mostly? The animation took getting used to, but once I got past the non-show animation it looked pretty nice. Except for that it went the way of less pony faces and more expression human-ish ones that the show has drifted toward that I don’t like. Was more or less generic fantasy plot. Which I don’t mind if it’s pulled off at least competently. Lots of nitpicks but the core movie was fine. One non-spoiler about the movie. It gave me more evidence that Sapphire Shores is stable and secure at the #2 popular char position while star after star hits the #1 spot and then burns out.

The movie really did feel like something from directly post-alicorn Twilight. No Discord, no Starlight, fairly shallow versions of the mane six. A somewhat out of character twilight for the first half.  No royal guards either. Which was odd. I did like the villain pony Tempest. Sure, a bit over the top, but didn’t seem like a parody or badly executed character. Just a bit basic.

  • Petty Vengeance is Magic by Lightning Farron
  • Rapid Blink by michaelb958

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Pony Stories 813

If all goes as planned, going to see the movie this afternoon. Heard good things about it, bad things about it. My expectations are pretty low. As usual my brain will enjoy the good parts and forget the bad parts.

  • After a Fashion by FanOfMostEverything
  • Lights of Love by Timaeus

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Oct 5 Sentence

Whoops, missed one day. Oh well. The march of time toward oblivion continues.

Every vampire struggled with the urge to drain their victim dry. The last taste of a dying person’s blood is the sweetest.  What the younger vampires don’t understand is that the reason to avoid it has nothing to do with waste, or morality, but cold hard survival. The death of a sapient creature disrupted the fabric of reality in ways that attracted the attention of larger predators in the darkness behind the world. The mages that watch over humanity, the shadows that lurk inside dreams that can escape in the moments of death, and much worse. Young vampires are too drunk with the power they have compared to the humans to fully realize that vampires are very low in the natural order of things in the big picture.

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Pony Stories 812

I’ve been watching the old scifi show Andromeda. The one where Kevin Sorbo is not a Star Trek captain. I have fond memories of it. Which is reminding me that my brain likes to forget the bad things in the entertainment I watch. I still like the concept, but the show is a lot rougher than I remember and occasionally outright terrible. It has me thinking I’d love to see a pony story that is the same concept, but where Princess Luna comes back after 1000 years on the mood to a wrecked and ruined Equestria and tries to bring the light of old Equestria back.

  • Ponies Debate Gun Control by PresentPerfect
  • Freedom Flourishes by The Hat Man

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Pony Stories 811

I got nothing to put here. Thought I did, had something in mind, but might have been what I put in the last halfway decent intro. So onto the brief reviews!

  •  The Worst of Mentions by BlazzingInferno
  • Somepony Needs the Boundaries Talk by Majin Syeekoh

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