Pony Stories 849

Got around to seeing Forgotten Friendship. Was pretty good. Interesting concept, plus a good use of Trixie. Which is always nice. She’s not my favorite pony but she can be used in such interesting ways with a good starting point. Plus I always like to see a character that has a core of decency even if they are kind of antagonistic most of the time.

Wait, what? by Allykitty
Functional. Basically just a short little epilogue to the most recent EqG episode/short/whatever you want to call it. Not really a short since it was over a half hour. Not sure it would be an episode since it was mostly stand alone? Anyway. This story was basically just Wallflower and Sunset having a short conversation after the events. Very slice of lifey.

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Pony Stories 848

Finished a few longer stories. Lunar Rebellion (see last post), then I powered through The Laughing Shadow and this one back to back. Maybe go back to Lunar Rebellion’s sequel for my next target. As I mentioned in my last blog post it’s been nice reading novel length (or more) stories again.


Diktat by Merc the Jerk

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Pony Stories 843

Just finished reading the first long ponyfic I’ve read in a long while. Forgotten what it felt like. Nice, even if the story itself was a bit of a disappointment. Nice to know the current depression isn’t completely killing off my efforts to do things that involve, well, effort.

  • The Lunar Rebellion by Chengar Qordath

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Minecraft Pictures

Okay! Now that yesterday’s Feb 2 post is up, I can now start this one off properly.

Ahem. So, I’ve been playing lots of minecraft. More than I should, really, but depression and not eating much of anything is kicking my ass last week or two. So easy repetitive tasks are very nice. I was exploring, then had a disaster happen twice in a row so I decided to do some building near the settlement where several people have set up shop. It’s been fun. Even been sociable a little! Started and more or less finished a big project that is a multi-part road from the main central starting area to our little river/lake area. Mostly to avoid giving directions if anyone else new joins the server. I’ve also converted the first (of two) levels into a main vault for sharing and storing various resources.

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Filler Post: Minecraft

Apparently I did not schedule this when I thought I did. So this should have been up on the blog two weeks ago. Roundabout.

So, someone in the Discord chat I frequent set up a ‘proper’ multiplayer server. So I’ve been spending too much time there. The plugin for protecting the player’s work is pretty cool. Lets you claim/protect more area the longer you play on the server. So… Been putting in far too many hours.

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