Pony Stories 385

15 Apr

After weeks and weeks of being behind, it’s kind of weird to not have any reviews or fimfiction bookshelves to catch up updating. I get into a rhythm of whenever I have a few moments between other things I get through a few review posts, or whatever. I just had some free time after getting home from D&D night and thought I’d do a bit of master review list updating and… don’t got anything that needs to go up on it. Weird. I might be forced to do something actually productive.

I really wish I had written down the context for this one idea I had semi-recently, because I remember it being somewhat clever. Anyway, I had this idea that Fancy Pants and Princess Celestia were a couple and Fleur was their daughter. Would explain why she is more princessey in build and that one scene when Fancy Pants is talking to Rarity and Fleur is just kinda standing there looking around aimlessly could easily be just bored teenager waiting for dad to stop chatting so they can go.

Big Master Review List stats: Authors: [2165], Stories [4949], Total Reviews: [7846]

The Ghosts of Harmony by Forthwith

Fun start, decent all together. Wish it had stayed a comedy and went either surreal or over the top. It starts out like its a comedy, but then ends up just taking things straight and kind of dull. Not a bad story. Just a little unfocused thematically.

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