Pony Stories 522

30 Nov

More scheduled ponyfic review content! Um, should put something else here. The Fallout 4 stuff is actually tomorrow’s entire post so can’t use that. Been rereading stuff, but none of it really stuck. Still behind on a couple of episodes of the actual show. Though I did have to watch the feud one with my mom based on the name of the episode alone. Anyway, I’ve got nothing. Three ponyfic reviews below the break.

  • The Sacrifice of the Knight Bolo by Georg
  • Hot Chocolate by Portmeirion
  • And a Dark Wind Blows by RazedRainbow

The Sacrifice of the Knight Bolo by Georg

It has been far too long since I’ve read a bolo story. Huge incredibly powerful and artificially intelligent scifi tanks, if you aren’t aware. This one was good enough to remind me why I like them so much. In fact, one of my top five favorite stories of all time is a bolo story. One of the few stories that actually gets tears from me at one point near the end every time I read it. Which has nothing to do this story, but demonstrates just how highly I regard bolo stories. Is this one that good? Nope, but it’s good enough that I consider it a proper bolo story. I’m real tempted to write a sequel about a recovery team coming to Equestria many centuries later to find the bolo that fell. Huh. I just realized that my fondness for military scifi can be traced back to the bolo stories by various authors. When I ran out if good bolo, I went looking for the next best thing. How much I like a particular military scifi book can probably be measured by how close to a bolo story it is. Stories about Ponies, or armored war machines, are stories about people. Oh, and the bolo story that gets me every time is titled The Road to Damascus.

Hee. Given that this author’s main strength is fluffy slice of life romance, kind of amusing to see this story based on military scifi (sorta) in his early FimFiction career. This story is three years old at this point.

Hot Chocolate by Portmeirion

Fluffy and sweet slice of life. That’s about it. Good, but not great.

And a Dark Wind Blows by RazedRainbow

This story was good enough. Just not what I was hoping to get. I enjoy post-apocalyptic stories, but this was closer to just a horror. It was also very repetitive. Fluttershy scared and panicking in a dead world. It gets hammered in over and over again. It could have been half the length and nothing would have been lost.

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