Pony Stories 631

30 Jun

Ha! I got inspired and slogged through my 200+ item FimFiction feed last night just after posting the day’s post. Now I just have to deal with the 70 review post bookmarks that have piled up since before the week trip. A few short ponyfic reviews today.

  • Barnstormer by GaPJaxie
  • Pan Flash by GaPJaxie
  • The Changelings Start a Kickstarter For Their Show by Dr Atlas

Barnstormer by GaPJaxie

These continue to be entertaining. I have a inkling of a feeling that the author is trying a bit too hard to make the ‘real’ ponies behind the characters different from their ‘on screen’ personas, but once again there isn’t anything I can point at to fix or even precisely identify the problem. So that’s the most minor of complaints.

Pan Flash by GaPJaxie

More entertainment. Not sure what else to say. It’s a character piece focused on one of the actors playing the mane six in the show Friendship Is Magic. Wait, do you think they put the My Little Pony in front of it? I don’t remember if any of the stories have covered that already. If you liked the previous four you’ll enjoy this one. At this point I’m curious to see what an actual story involving these characters would be like.

The Changelings Start a Kickstarter For Their Show by Dr Atlas

I grabbed this one for one reason. The cover image cracks me up. Like nearly falling off my chair laughing when I first saw it. The story itself… Eh, not really a story. Amusing in places but mostly just a long series of references to other things. Not a waste given how short it is, but it is mostly meta-type humor.

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