Pony Stories 554

30 Jan

Yep, re-posting a review from yesterday because I found that google documents cut off half of it. Well, I knew it had been cut off but couldn’t remember what was in the missing bit.

  • Saturday by Bulletproof
  • Of Birds and Bees and Awkward Things by JoeShogun
  • Tables Have Turned by JoeShogun

Saturday by Bulletproof

Says something that the story about Lyra in a soul crushing mental institution was not as sad or emotionally wrenching as I had expected. Mostly because I was expecting her to be visiting someone in the place, and the other stories in that vein had memory loss, which is one of the things that gets at me. Anyway, this story is serviceable. Don’t understand Lyra’s reaction at all to what’s going on. Not to mention it didn’t feel very pony. Mostly because no magic or even mention of pony bodies. Basically you would have to change two names and two single instances of two other words to make this a original human based story. Oh, just discovered that there is a second short chapter. Which makes things a little worse, but still not as depressing as I was expecting. Not a story I expect to think of again after I’ve forgotten it.

Of Birds and Bees and Awkward Things by JoeShogun

This was a fun one. A bit more involved than I expected,  but in a good way. Has a good filly Twilight in it, adorable, scholarly, but still young and uncertain. Has some nice Princess Celestia as well. Not quite a character study, but certainly some character exploration. I like seeing the pony Celestia behind the all-perfect Princess curtain. Plus it has one of my favorite things sort of in the background, that something Princess Celestia does gets amplified and spread throughout all of pony society because they consider her the paragon of wisdom and culture.

Tables Have Turned by JoeShogun

Sequel to previous story. Enjoyed this one quite a bit. The author did a good job capturing each character in my opinion. Each pony’s story about learning about sex felt very believable. Even Pinkie Pie’s. My favorite bit was definitely the last chapter with the four princesses having a relaxing get together. I really liked Princess Luna as displayed in his story. Don’t see that kind of loud and outgoing version of her much. I’d recommend both this one and the previous one for anyone who likes fairly classy (after a fashion) sex comedy.


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2 responses to “Pony Stories 554

  1. Loganberry

    January 31, 2016 at 10:20 am

    It looks as though your third review has been cut off, too.

    • Griffin

      January 31, 2016 at 3:13 pm

      Lies! My posting is always perfect! To imply otherwise is to say I edit things after they are pointed out and pretend nothing was wrong.

      Also, I’ve completely lost where ever I was going with that. So that dangling word gets erased.


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