Pony Stories 276

20 Nov

I’m still semi-considering doing something special for when the big master review list hits 300th reviewed stories. Perhaps a prize for the story that is the 3000th spot on the big master review list. For the author if it’s one of my reviews, with maybe a little extra for the reviewer if it’s not one of mine. This, of course, has the sad collateral damage of disqualifying Cold In Gardez. He being the only multi-story author who already has all his stories on the big master review list. Unless, you know, he releases another story in the next month or two. Maybe that The Wind Thief sequel? Nah. What are the chances of that? Anyway, just have to think of something. Maybe a commission of one of the story scenes/characters. I got about a 100 story slots to think it over.

Today’s reviews:

  • Love Letters by obabscribbler
  • Brace Buddies by TooShyShy
  • The Confessions of Clyde Pie, Prince of Rock by Casca

Love Letters by obabscribbler

Dang, that was unexpected. There was a bunch of typos in the beginning of this and I pretty much knew what the big reveal was going to be. So it was something of a surprise that it hit me in the feels so hard by the end. Some of that is probably my own thing about memory and compulsion, but the majority is that the author did a wonderful job putting the reader it Lyra’s head. Not just what she was thinking, but using the other characters to let us feel the deeper mental conflict as well. The reader got to experience the duality of Lyra’s mental state in a way few authors can pull off. The mostly normal inner perspective of Lyra with the hints of something gone wrong trying to push into the story from everypony else was nicely balanced. It earns that sad tag, and the romance one as well.

Brace Buddies by TooShyShy

Nice little friendshipping moment with young Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy. Nothing amazing, just sweet little slice of life.

The Confessions of Clyde Pie, Prince of Rock by Casca

This was an odd one. Felt a bit random. Like it wasn’t really connected to anything. I normally like letter format stories, but this didn’t feel like one. Might have been the length. Or might be because I like back and forth letter format stories instead of one long one. If you really want Pie family related rock story goodness, check out Born On A Rock Farm instead. Not that this one is bad, just kinda… dunno.


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2 responses to “Pony Stories 276

  1. Scribbler

    November 20, 2014 at 12:12 pm

    Thank you for the review of Love Letters. Yes, I agree, it does stand a few more edits, doesn’t it? I think that stems from the fact I wrote it to a deadline and came in about fifteen minutes under the wire instead of doing my usual umpteen more read-throughs. I’m glad to hear the technical inaccuracies didn’t hinder your enjoyment of it though. Huzzah! ^_^

    • Griffin

      November 20, 2014 at 12:16 pm

      If the story is good enough, sometimes I don’t even notice the technical inaccuracies! Thanks for writing a story I enjoyed reading.


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