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01 Jun

Another month, another chance at self-improvement. Not to mention it’s the month of the summer solstice, so Princess Celestia is up on my calendar. Also, ya’know, my birthday in two days but I find that doesn’t really have much oomph for me honestly.

  • The Council of Friendship by DrakeyC
  • In Search of Knowledge by thehalfelf
  • Post Negative Comments Only by Estee

The Council of Friendship by DrakeyC

A re-read, sorta. First review two years ago here.

Fun stuff. I’ve read the first chapter, maybe the second, before but there was new stuff so I decided to read the whole thing. The last chapter with Starlight was amusing. I still like the basic premise, that Twilight got really excited about having proper council meetings with official procedure, but doesn’t actually have any real ideas in mind or even understands why the official council procedures exist.

In Search of Knowledge by thehalfelf

Twilight and Cheerilee shipping. Has the typical shipping flaw that you just have to go with things because the story doesn’t actually do much to show why they like each other. Another minor complaint is that a good amount of the story involves a old textbook that they are rewriting, but it only ever vaguely replies what the book covers and never even touch on why it needs to be replaced. Anyway, average shipping story. Just kinda functional. Might need to see what other romance stories with this pair I can find.

Post Negative Comments Only by Estee

First reactions when I read it before it was finished.

An interesting one. Estee’s usual mix of comedy and serious drama. Tilted far to the serious drama side of the equation this time. Some cool bits, a very nice Iron Will appearance, and a interesting look at Alicorn rulership. Though that comes in at the end.

Minor spoiler alert:

I like the idea that the Alicorn form of rulership is to defeat the big evil terror and then just move in as the new ruler. It fits surprisingly well that Princess Cadance would do that, considering that’s exactly how Princess Celestia and Princess Luna became rulers of Equestria.

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