Pony Stories 726

10 Feb

Guh. Why is self-destructive behavior so easy to fall into. Nothing major for me, but certain things utterly destroy my productivity and energy and general mood. I keep thinking that shouldn’t evolution eliminate this sort of behavior pattern? Then I remember that A) Computers and the internet haven’t been around long enough for that to count, and B) I’m probably not going to be breeding so evolution is doing it’s job just fine.

But for now, words about ponywords. Also, the comment of Paula Saran: Queen of Cellophane! continues to make me laugh.

  • One Boop Mare by Billy G Gruff
  • The Song of My People by The Ponytrician

One Boop Mare by Billy G Gruff

Eeeh. Not bad, but a blow by blow text reenactment of a fight in a visual-based anime just doesn’t grab me. I get the motivation behind the piece and for what it is, the author does a good job with the ponyfication of the fight scene in question. It just doesn’t work as, you know, a story. Or even a slice of life. Or… Much of anything except a single fight scene. That is a copy of something else. So… My reaction is conflicted but bland?

The Song of My People by The Ponytrician

A pinch of world building that ends with a terrible pun. I’m all for it. Not much of an actual story here, though at least hints of one with Twilight Sparkle on a diplomatic mission because Princess Candace couldn’t make it. So, at least hints of a story there.

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  1. Present Perfect

    February 10, 2017 at 6:57 pm

    Glad I could be of assistance. :V


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